Monday, 16 May 2011

Skip Portraits

After a very successful Skipping session with Grace (small schwester) we came home laden with enough bread to feed an army, a sickeningly big pile of doughnuts, a glorious bunch of fresh lilies, and last but not least this A3 sketch book of THICK BROWN paper (which, as we all know is hard to come by).
From the recycling out the back of my flat, I uncovered these images, and then came this series... of skip portraits.

(To see the rest of the series, come to the Illustration Degree Show, 11th June 2011)


JenniSparks said...

Fran these are brilliant. Especially love Kate and Wills!

Aggie Wolf Dimitriou said...

Beautiful work Franny - you have become the custodian of a lot of the family stuff - thank you for making shrines to it.